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Feminist Legal Theory Meets Masculinities Theory

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Book Chapter


This chapter explores the theoretical scope of masculinities scholarship and suggests some ways it can contribute to the project of equality and justice. First, it discusses the history and development of masculinities scholarship. Second, it summarizes the core theoretical contributions of masculinities scholarship. Primarily derived from sociology and psychology, this scholarship suggests a series of insights for gender analysis. Third, it considers the relationship between feminist theory and masculinities scholarship. It suggests ways that feminism can benefit from masculinities scholarship and that masculinities scholarship can benefit from feminist insights. Fourth, it examines the interrelations among multiple identity categories by considering the racialization of gender issues. Finally, the chapter demonstrates how masculinities are practiced by exploring two substantive areas: education and work. The education example is a powerful reminder of the harm of separate theorizing and the benefits of convergence and complexity. The work example exposes how gender policing occurs in the context of a male-dominant occupation—firefighting—and suggests how a gender-informed analysis can lead to reform.

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Masculinities and the Law: A Multidimensional Approach