Date of Award

Fall 12-1-2020

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Legal Research Pathfinders


More than 50 years since the Equal Pay Act (1963) was passed, the subject of wage inequality between the sexes remains a critical topic for women, members of Congress, advocacy groups, business and legal communities. Within the last decade, the legal community has seen a wave of litigation alleging discrimination across a wide variety of industries, including within the legal field itself. Wage discrimination has negative consequences for women, communities, and employers—discrimination in the workplace is inefficient and resulting litigation is costly.

In this Pathfinder guide, you will find a brief background on the Equal Pay Act as it pertains to wage discrimination based on gender. The introduction will include history, social and business context, related law, and new legal developments—a beginning framework for understanding gender wage equity issues. With the framework established, this guide describes step by step legal and research resources available. Through reviewing this document, a researcher will understand sources available, their significance, and knowledge on how to self-access these resources online. This guide frequently utilizes common legal subscription services such as: Bloomberg law, Lexis+, Westlaw Edge, and HeinOnline. Check with your school, law librarian, or company to see if they are participating members before purchasing. There are also several reliable free resources online that will be mentioned herein as secondary options.


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