Learning Law Through Experience and By Design


Learning Law Through Experience and By Design


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This workbook enables faculty to design experiential courses for law students, using the process commonly known as backward design. The workbook walks the user step-by-step from goal to course outcomes to teaching activities, and it provides user-friendly worksheets to guide the design. The authors also provide the design maps for their own courses, with process notes, to illustrate the Experiential Learning Design process in action. The workbook helps faculty to situate their courses within a broader law school or experiential curriculum and to connect their courses as appropriate with their schools' and the ABA's JD program outcomes.

Whether your focus is social justice lawyering, skills, ethics, and/or substantive knowledge, this book will guide you in designing a course that turns your teaching goals into learning outcomes. This book provides a model for creating an effective, intentionally designed instructional path for your experiential learning course, including helping you to identify the intellectual home for your course, learning goals, final assessment, evaluation rubric, and learning outcomes.

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Learning Law Through Experience and By Design