Exploring the Intersection of Law and AI with Paul Callister

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The American Dreams Show


This week, Paul Callister joins Alan Olsen for an engaging dialogue at the intersection of law, information science, and technology. Listeners will gain insights into the evolving role of law librarians, the transformative power of AI in legal research, and the ethical nuances of AI integration in academia.

Callister shares insights into his academic pursuits, the historical significance of language, literacy, and law in societies and highlights how the accessibility of legal information has influenced governance and citizen participation throughout history. The conversation then pivots to the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the legal profession. Paul discusses the potential for AI to reshape legal research methodologies, enhance decision-making, and create a divide between firms with access to these advanced tools and those without.

Wrapping up the episode, Paul and Alan explore the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI, particularly in academic settings. Paul shares his perspective on integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into the classroom, emphasizing the importance of guiding students and helping them develop critical thinking skills while leveraging AI for research and analysis.

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